This project has been a direct result of my dissertation research during my constellation module. Throughout this journey I have developed myself as a designer and found the areas that I am most confident with such as CAD and digital print. I have developed my skills both in print and stitch this year and feel proud of how far I have come since last years and can see through the quality of my designs and my end products how I have developed as a designer.

My studies of animal bones and taxidermy birds led my to produce some interesting designs that were later manipulated on Photoshop. I am confident that by stepping out of my comfort zone and using new techniques such as a graphic tablet and high resolution photographs, these helped to enhance the quality of my designs and gave me the freedom to explore more with CAD. The use of high-resolution photos enabled me to have my designs printed on to a quality fabric and this is reflected in my end products and samples.

During my development stages I experimented with a variety of materials that I ordered from a variety of companies to compare quality, cost and turn over. Out of all of them I found Bags of Love the most reliable, efficient and cost effective. The materials ordered included a mixture of textures and finishes, this included silks, cottons, faux furs and leather. I chose to use silk sensation for my final samples and products because my chosen market was aimed towards a upper-class demographic. I researched into a number of high profile companies such as Liberty and Harrods to compare prices, materials used and the average measurements of products such as scarves. This research helped me to establish a reasonable and realistic price for my products, the professional practice lecture held during the beginning of this module really helped me to work out costing’s that would benefit me as a designer now and in the future if I choose to work independently. I feel that the press pack lecture also really helped me to create designs that would draw in attention and include relevant information. I feel that by including additional items within my press packs with my design on such as pens and key rings was a nice way of promoting my collection.

I found the Richard Weston lecture particularly inspiring and this lecture had a big influence on the direction of my product design. By feeling the scarves that he had brought as samples I knew that items such as these were popular within retail and can be designed to meet a range of tastes and styles, an examples of this would be using different colours, textures and motifs. By using a rolled hem on my samples and final products I believe that it gives them the professional high quality finish they need to sell well.

I wanted to create a distinctive style that represented me as a designer; I am passionate about screen-printing and nature. Although I did not use traditional printing techniques within this collection I feel that using C.A.D’s helped to create a unique and vibrant collection. I am really proud of my final collection and feel that I have met a number of my personal goals and developed many skills.

The weeks leading up to the exhibition were often very exciting and stressful, at times it was difficult not to get side tracked with other ideas and go off schedule, an example of how this happened would be me wanting to make a pair of earrings out of animal bones with my design laser cut into them. When trailing this I soon found out how time consuming it was and had to remind myself to stick to my brief.

I am really happy with how the buddy system went this year, all of the second years were so helpful and enthusiastic and I feel that this scheme really helped me to stay calm and organised.

Within my exhibition I wanted to include recycled materials, since this has been advised by academics to be conscious of how my materials may have an effect the environment I felt it was important to show my consideration of this within my exhibition. This was done by up-cycling old wood and timber which was later used to display my scarves on and buying frames that had been made from recycled materials. Also rather than cutting down the branch I had purposely sourced on that was already on the ground.

I feel that the layout of my exhibition space works really well and there is a nice flow to how the samples have been developed into products, the layout is visually pleasing and professional looking. I am confident that the exhibition show will go well and I am excited about the opening night.

Overall I am proud of what I have achieved and how I have grown as a designer. I will be looking to break into the industry this year and perhaps work with a designer/company that is related to my passion. It is a true saying that you can’t learn everything and I look forward to learning many more new and exciting things that the textile industry has to offer.




Rehearsing my presentation…

My panel are a quite bunch….




New vs. old exhibition plan

It is clean within these examples how I have had to change my original plans.


Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 22.19.54

Old plan

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 22.20.38

New plan

Trying to make do….

Since being given a slightly different space to the one I had planned for (which was anticipated) I have had to reconsider my space and how to overcome issues such as positioning of shelves est. After consulting a member of staff about putting a shelf on a small section of another students wall I was given permission to put my 44cm shelf up. The student I was sharing the wall with had come in later that evening after I had put the wall up and didn’t seem particularly pleased about the situation. I explained that I had enquired about it and it was okayed. Her response was “okay I’ll work around it” and nothing more was said, little did I know she would take what she said quite literally.

When returning the following day the student on the neighbouring wall had placed two floating shelves above mine and a series of messages followed stating she was going to take my self down.

To overcome this issue I have contacted the original member of staff I had spoken to and hope to resolve this issue Tuesday, I hope this can be sorted without any aggravation.




⚪️◻️Looking good!⚪️◻️

My space is ready for the shelving to be installed!! My buddy has worked to hard I am really greatful to have had her.


Hand painted silk scarves using rock salt

Time to get painting!